Josh Mulumba and Ty Barnett

First Crusade

What: First Crusade

When: 1096-1099

Who: Muslims and Christians

Where: Near East, Anatolia, Levant, Palestine

Why: The Christians wanted to recapture Jerusalem from the muslims

Result: succeeded in establishing the crusader states of Edessa, Antioch, Jerusalem, and Tripoli in Palestine and Syria

Second Crusade

Who: European kings, Louis VII of France and Conrad III of Germany, with help from a number of other European nobles and the SeljuqTurks

What: Second crusade

When: 1145-1149

Where: Europe

Why: The Second Crusade was started in response to the fall of the County of Edessa the previous year to the forces of Zengi.

Result: the Muslim forces defeated the crusades.

Third Crusade

What: Third Crusade

When: 1189-1192

Who: Muslims and Christians

Where: Antolia, Levant

Why: European leaders tried to reconquer the holy land from Saladin

Result: it was very successful in capturing many lands except for Jerusalem