Trinity Lane Preschool Office News

January 2016

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Welcome to Winter

The holidays are over and winter has finally settled in. Thank you for everyone's patience with our parking lot and sidewalks this week. Our lot/sidewalk was not plowed right away since we were on break and things froze up too hard for it to be cleared thoroughly last weekend. With warmer temps last night we are working on scraping more of it up today.

Registration for 2016-2017 School Year

Registration for next year will start around mid February. I will send out an email with details once I have the official start date of registration. We are waiting to see what the Cedar Rapids School District approves for their calendar next year. They are proposing to have every Wednesday as a late start with elementary schools starting at 10:15. We are looking for feedback on how this will affect your family if we continue offering preschool at 9am on Wednesdays. Just send Miss Dawn an email at

Once registration starts, do not wait to register. All current families get first dibs at spots before we open up registration to the public. Our preschool is completely full this year and we've turned a lot of people away. Please note that if your account is not in good standing, you will not be able to register until you have tuition paid up to date. We have many new options for paying tuition now including online electronic withdrawals from bank accounts or online payments with a credit card. Go to and press the blue "online payment" button on the home page.

For those families who will be registering their 4 year old for kindergarten- Hang on to your result form from the Kid Sight eye checks this fall. It is now a state law that every child entering kindergarten receive a vision exam. The Kid Sight screenings will count as a qualifying eye exam.

Hearing Screenings January 27 & 28

We have a Grant Wood audiologist scheduled to do hearing screenings on January 27th and 28th. Watch for paperwork to come home next week as we will need your signature in order for your child to participate. This will be mainly for our 3s and 4s classes as it is prioritized by birth dates. If you have a child in the 2s that qualifies, a form will be sent home. We do this every year so for those in the 2s that are too young, you will have another chance next year in the 3s.

Valentine Parties

We will celebrate Valentines Day on February 10th & 11th for our 2s and 3s classes and February 12th for our 4s class. Look for more details from your classroom teacher in their February newsletter. We do usually have a card exchange if you are eager to pick out cards or make them.


NO School for all classes on January 18th- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Our 4s staff will be attending some professional development regarding Everyday Mathematics on this day. This is in collaboration with the Cedar Rapids Community School District. The curriculum is currently being used in Kindergarten in the district. Staff will be working together with other early learning sites in the district on how to implement into the preschool classroom setting.

Winter Weather Clothing-

Our 3s and 4s should be bringing coat, hat, gloves, boots and snow pants to school every day now. Our 3s and 4s go outside if it's 25 degrees or warmer with the wind chill. The 2s will go out if it's 35 degrees or warmer with the wind chill.

Phone Numbers-

Has your cell phone or work numbers changed since filling out preschool paperwork last spring/summer? It's really important that we have current information to get a hold of parents or other family members in emergency situations or if a child is ill. Just send us a quick email with any updates and we'll change your paperwork. Thanks!


We updated our suggested snack list with more items listed by brand name. Thank you to Miss Megan who researched Aldi Food Store for nut free items so that we have more generic/lower cost items to suggest. You may reference the updated snack list on our website at

Upcoming Dates:

  • January 5 & 6- Music Class
  • January 11 & 12- Library
  • January 18- NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Day
  • January 27 & 28- Hearing Testing by Grant Wood
  • February 2 & 3- Music Class
  • February 8 & 9- Library
  • February 10- No 4s Preschool
  • February 10-12 - Valentine Parties
  • February 23 & 24- Tooth Fairy Visit
  • February 28- NO SCHOOL