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Kutz Chronicles December 2013

Kutzy the Cougar awarded to 1st Grade Ms. Lere's Class

Darren Sung in Ms. Lere's 1st Grade Class was one of the first students to be commended for his accomplishments with Fact Fluency. Darren has worked hard to master both his addition and subtraction facts. He works on these at home and at school! Congratulations Darrin! Way to go! GOOD 4 - U !!!!

Darren's Class will host Kudo the Kutz Cougar Mascot in their 1st Grade Classroom for the next month or two.

Boomerang Winner - Brendan Ring

Brendan Ring celebrated with his family and classmates when CB Cares brought his commendation for being a Boomerang Winner. Brendan showed Interpersonal Competence. He noticed a Faculty Member was a bit down one day and he left her a note telling her he hoped her day improved! Wow! Don't we wish all people could read those signs and spread kindness like that? Brendan does many other things to show his classmates he is willing to help or encourage them. Congratulation, Brendan, we are so proud of you!

Veteran's Day

Science Fair Assemby

Update on our Crossing Guard Rose Reith

Our beloved Crossing Guard, Rose, is still home recuperating from her motorcycle accident last summer. Last weekend a fundraiser was held at a local restaurant and $1,000 was raised to help Rose and her family. If anyone is still interested in donating some money to Rose and her family during this difficult time, you can drop it off at the Kutz office and we will make sure it gets to her. Kutz Faculty and Staff raised $150 for Rose. We sure hope Rose is able to come back to us soon!


Mrs. Blair, years ago, began a partnership with students who are on the Baseball Team at West. These students come to our First Grade and read to the children or let the children read to them! It's great to see the little ones look up to these boys. It's even greater to see the compassion and caring the boys have for these little ones!

Halloween Candy Drive for Operation Gratitude

Our Students collected over 300 pounds of candy for Operation Gratitude. Dr. Lee of L & M Orthondontics, and a Kutz parent, has donated $200.00 to the Kutz Activity Fund. His staff picked up the boxed candy which will be sent to our troops overseas.

Drop Off and Pick Up Parents...

When you are dropping off or picking up your children in the car rider line; only allow children out of the car on the passenger/curb side. It is very dangerous for students to exit the car on the driver's side since cars can still pass by on the left. Please pull all the way up to the markers to unload your vehicle so that more cars can unload at one time. Do NOT use the bus lane for drop off or pick up at any time. Thanks for your careful attention to this safety matter.


If you haven't read this article before, it's a great read! It provides some wonderful language (and rules) surrounding child-access to smart technology. Although, Devon doesn't have a phone yet, I'm keeping this somewhere safe for when he does get that privilege.

An IPhone Contract From Your Mom


Failure to comply with the following list will result in termination of your IPhone ownership.


Lice are here at Kutz! Please be vigilant and check your children’s heads. Report any occurrence to the health office, and notify any playmates. Please do not try and hide this information from us. It just makes for less information and greater spread of lice.

Thank you,

Valerie Wendell-Wesolowich RN, BSN, M. Ed

Snow Days and Delays

Please note that should the school district call a snow day - students are off on that day. When school is delayed - students may not be dropped off until the appropriate time

e.g. -

1 hour delay 9:35 AM

2 hour delay 10:35 AM

Unless your child is signed up for the Before School Program - he/she may not come to school earlier.


It’s almost winter folks and it’s starting to get cold. Some students come to school with no gloves, no scarves and sometimes, no jacket. Unless the temperature is dangerously low, ALL children are to go outside for recess. Even on very cold days we believe children benefit from five or ten minutes outside to get fresh air. Please make sure your child comes to school properly dressed to brave the elements.

A Big THANK YOU to our Home and School Parents!

The faculty at Kutz would like to thank Christine Johnston for again organizing the Teacher Appreciation Dinner. Also, a great big thanks to the parents who contributed to make this another delightful dinner for the teachers. The teachers worked late into the evening and truly enjoyed being able to stop and get a hot meal between teaching class and conducting parent/teacher conferences.

Boomerang Award

This year, Kutz will continue to accept nominations for the Boomerang Award, which is our way of honoring students who best demonstrate their own developmental assets. What are Developmental Assets? Students possessing a combination of “40 Assets” are typically most successful in school and in life. These assets have the power to influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible adults. For a complete listing of the 40 Developmental Assets visit: www. Search-institute.org.

December: #17 Creative Activities. Young person participates in creative activities which have a direct positive impact on him/her and others. Their creative activity can take a variety of forms- music, drama, art, writing, or any other creative activity.

January: #9 Service to Others. Young person values service to others, in their family, school, or community. He/she commits to meaningful and caring actions.



10-13 Holiday Boutique

11 H&S Meeting, 9:15AM

13 Kutz Spirit Day-Blue/White or Kutz Gear

12/23-1/1Winter Recess, NO SCHOOL


2 School Resumes

10 Backwards Day!

20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day, NO SCHOOL

24 Drop Everything and Joke Day!

24 Early Dismissal, NO AM-K, PM-K attends in AM, End of 2nd MP

24 Blood Drive 2:00PM - 7:00PM, Cafeteria

27 NO SCHOOL, Professional Development (possible snow make-up day)

28-31 Art Goes to School

A New Kind of Report Card is Coming

Revisions to our Elementary Report Card and Portfolio Conferences:

Communication between school and home about a child’s academic progress and personal growth should occur throughout the school year. However, the formal opportunities for teachers to share progress towards a student’s learning goals takes place quarterly. These formal opportunities include a report card three times a year and a spring portfolio conference.We are working to revise our current system to take effect in the 2014-2015 school year.

In the spring of this year, a group of teachers, principals, and staff development facilitators came together to begin the process of revising a reporting system that requires a fresh look, one more closely aligned with Pennsylvania and Central Bucks academic standards. Please see further information on our Kutz Website. There you will find the letter and brochure explaining our approach to creating a Standards-Based Progress Reporting System.We will also post updates on this work over the next several months. This is an opportunity for all of us to focus our attention on learning goals and student progress.

Upcoming Events are always scrolling on the Kutz Website

Cougar Watches are coming soon!!!! Orders were promised to come in by the holiday. Keep your fingers crossed!