The top most layer of the upper mantle

What is the Lithosphere

The rigid outer part of the earth, consisting of the crust and upper mantle


The top most layer of the upper mantle
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Why the lithosphere is important

The lithosphere contains a resovior of improtant resources important to man, such as minerals, fuels, petroleum, and natural gas.
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Plants and Animals in the Lithosphere

The lithosphere contains minerals which provides nutrients to the plants, which is the source of food for humans and animals
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How the lithosphere depends on other geospheres

  • The lithosphere interacts with other geospheres to affect ocean salinity(amount of salt), biodiversity and landscape.
  • Interaction between the Lithosphere and the other geospheres creates the Pedosphere
  • Glaciers in the cryosphere, weathering and erosion caused by wind in the atmosphere, and rain in the hydrosphere break down rocks in the lythosphere

Conclusion on Lithosphere

The lithosphere is an extremely crucial part of the earth and to other geospheres.