Geothermal energy

Heat from the Earth

Use geothermal energy!! Heat from the Earth that is renewable!

Geothermal energy is energy from the Earth. Water is sent below the Earths surface to heat the water that is sent back to the power plant generating steam to turn the turbine to generate electricity.


Advantages are that you are using the earths natural resources of heat from the inside of the earth to create energy it is a renewable resource that doesn't produce any pollution. It can support jobs for workers at the power plant. The United States has many places that it could use this resource and many other countries already use this resource.

Disadvantages are that some harmful gases. It is not available in all locations. It can disrupt the local ecosystem where the plant is located.

Geothermal energy can also be used to heat homes with the earths natural resource of heat to save burning fossil fuels that release pollution into the environment.

Save our earth with no emissions