The Fastest Women Who Ever Lived

By:Coy Mason

Flojo the fastest woman in the world who has 6 world records can run a mile in 2 min..

Can you run faster?

Florence D.Griffith born December 21 ,1959 in Los Angeles California, child 7 of 11 children of Robert and Florence Griffith.In order for Florence to stand out from her siblings, she perfected the sport of Tack and Field.When Florence was In grade school and Junior High, she ran the 50 and 70 meter dashes and by the age 14, she won the Jesse Owens National Youth Games. Later she competed as anchor for relay racing at Jordan High School in 1974 -1978. Florence went to California State University, but later transferred to the University of California Los Angeles were she rightfully earned her nickname Flojo. Then became a NCAA champion in 1982 in the victory in the 200-meter and , later in the 400-meter the following year.

Once Florence got out of college she soon became a Olympic runner in 1984 and was coached by Bob Kersee. In the Summer of 1984 for her first time ever ran the 200 meter at the Olympic Summer Games an got first silver medal. Florence got married to a Olympic runner named, Ale Joyner.Then in the Summer of 1988 Olympic Games held in Seoul, South Korea were she had 3 gold and 1 silver in the 4-100 relay and the 100- and 200- meter runs and 4-400 relay.

Soon she was known for her self- design track suits and six inch nails.

Later Florence retired and gave birth to her daughter Marry Ruth.But Florence wasn't just not doing any thing she was designing athletic wear for sports teams and making workout videos and writing books for children.7 years later, Florence died at age 39, she died from a disease called Epilepsy at home in bed.

Florence was a designer, mom, wife,and the fastest woman in the world. People still want to be her but shes one of a kind. Today Olympic runners still try to beat the records that she placed in her life time. Can you do it ?