Pearl Harbor

By: Wyatt Pitman

The warning letter

The Japanese sent America a letter that said the treaty of peace was over. The Japanese war Admaral wanted to wait 30 minutes before bombing. 353 Japanese planes were waiting to fly to America and bomb. The letter was called the 14-part letter.

The bombing at Honolulu

The first bomb dropped was at 7:48 am December 7, 1941. The bombing lasted two hours and most of Honolulu. Honolulu was target for its rubber and oil also its Military base. The Americans has small guns that could only take down a few planes.

The aftermath

After the bombing there was more than 2,400 dead and 1,282 wounded. The Americans took down 29 aircraftes, 64 servicemen and one captured. We lost Pearl Harbor because we weren't prepared.

America's reaction

President D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan and all of the Atlas side. The American police put Japanese people in safety camps. The Japanese were going to attack the Philippines but President D. Roosevelt commanded to put more gaurd there. That time we were prepared to fight back.

Hospitals, and doctors

In Pearl Harbor the first building to go down was the hospital. Doctors went to camps and helped the wounded soilders. 541 nurses and doctors died on Pearl Harbor. The hospitals were put in the trenches.


There are musems in Honolulu that show the sunken ships and the downed planes. The aviation musem shows what planes the Japanese were flying. Memorial musem is a big white bridge that goes next to the old sunken American ships.

Bill Speer ( The survivor)

Bill Speer is a 94 year old man who survived pearl harbor. He was a submarine recruit in the Honolulu Navy. He was taking a shower when the ground started shaking and there were loud boom noise. His worse memories were seeing the dead bodies in the water and the planes over head. Mr. Speer's quote is "I enjoyed the Navy and i enjoyed my life."

Jim Parker (Navy Chief survivor)

Jim Parker is a 89 year old man. When Pearl Harbor started to get bombed he was on a battle ship and putting up the US flag on. He said "A bomb blew up and that was the first time I did a somersalt-backwards." The blast shook the deck it felt like a diving board.


Q. What was the warning letter called.

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