Breakthrough in Lupus Research

Doctors may have found the cure to this rare condition

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How Did It Happen?

As of Monday, April 7, 2014, doctors at Texas Children's Hospital think that they have found the answer to Lupus. There was a study made on Lupus patients and their tendency to gain weight. To prevent them from gaining weight, they produced a lipid-reducing hormone pill that should be taken daily. When taken as prescribed, it should reduce weight gain. Little did they know that this hormonal pill would reverse the common symptoms of this condition as well.
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A Cure for the Future

From this new discovery, doctors everywhere hope to cure or lessen the condition and side effects that Lupus patients endure on a daily basis. Years from now, they are hoping that biomedical engineers in the future can take this idea and make it into one that cures other life-threatening diseases as well.