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IT Support Analyst

Company Details

Sports Direct Head Office

Unit D Brook Park,

Meadow Ln,



NG20 8RY

Web Address: sportsdirect.com

Telephone Number: 0344 332 5292

Mike Ashley

Job Descrition

Breif Overview

An excellent opportunity exists for an IT Support Analyst to join a dedicated IT team in providing an exceptional level of service to a wide variety of users. The role is with the UK’s largest sports Retailer, who is undergoing fast expansion into Europe.

Skills Required

Specific/Technical-Experience administering Active Directory

  • This skill will be very important to the job role.
  • The ideal candidate would possess this skill because the company is rapidly expanding.
  • With the experience, you would be able to work in part of a team administrating every user that the business has so this skill is vital.
  • As we are expanding very quickly, your experience would mean that you could cope with the extra demand of users.
  • This skill will allow you to grow as one of our employees and become a valuable member of the company.

General-Natural Problem Solver

  • This is a skill which would allow you to become the best employee that you can be.
  • There will always be problems for you to solve every day from setting up users to fixing a server.
  • We find it as a valuable skill to have in this role because if problems do occur, we need them to be fixed as quickly as possible but at the same time fixed to a very high standard.
  • That would be the ideal candidate that we would be hiring to fill this role.

Soft-Show a keen desire to learn new technologies

  • The perfect person for the role would have to posses this mentality.
  • This is due to technology advancing very quickly and as a business, we need to keep up to date with the times so we are always integrating new technology into our everyday work pattern.
  • The candidate that gets the role due to having this trait would be great for us because we know that our IT staff will know all about the new technology so if things did go wrong they would know how to fix it.