Technology Team meeting

Interested in Technology? - All welcome

Gadgets are important to improved student learning! Surely!

Convince your colleagues that this is important to your students.

Get some new toys!

Learn something new.

Have your say about the directions of our school

Tech Team 1

Monday, March 10th, 8am

Sherwood Rd

Kempsey, NSW

Tiered Learning Area
8:00 am arrival + coffee

8:05 am using the EMU - tips and tricks to manage student passwords, usage, etc.

8:20 am Google+ joining a community, + 1, making a comment, making a post, re sharing something. Accessing minutes and meeting features

8:40 am

Some more agenda items

ICT Group Meeting Monday 10th March


  1. MECS PD technology collaboration / support (Greg)

  2. Infrastructure update (Ben)

  3. Moodle - overview (Greg)

  4. ICT Capabilities - (Greg)

1. Build a Tech Team

2. Scaffold Effective Professional Development (PD)

3. Make Time

4. Make It Relevant!

5. Encourage Them