Improve Your Memory

By Autumn Carpenter


By focusing on the materials you are learning and even quizzing yourself you can improve your ability to remember information.

Don't Cram Information!

Take time to process the information and fully store it in your hippocampus.

Rehearse and Organize!

Keep your memory organized and structured. Keep refreshing your memory by rehearsing the information learned.

Mnemonic Devices

Provide mental clues that will help remind you of the information you could easily forget.

Relate to past information

Provide relationships with information you have learned in the past to help you recall the new information.


Visualizing the information can greatly increase recall and potentially help improve your memory.

Relate to others!

Help each other learn by studying out loud with another person. Interaction can help memorization by providing vocal representations.


Pay extra attention to the most difficult information.


Lengthen your study routine and vary the information.

Get some rest!

Don't constantly strain your mind! Take occasional naps and go to bed earlier. Make sure your mind is fully rested and refreshed.