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Our Next Week...

Monday, September 16

Celebrate Freedom Week!

Mya’s Coaching Day

Start Date for Teacher Self Report, Part I

Walsh MS open house 6:00pm.

Tuesday, September 17

Minor’s Coaching Day

Minor’s off campus AM (AP meeting)

Celebrate Freedom Day!

Happy Birthday Genna Percefull!

Wednesday, September 18

Mya’s Coaching Day

Lock down drill 9:00am.

Fire drill 9:15am.

Brief Faculty Meeting & Special Committee’s Mtg. 3:10pm.

Thursday, September 19

Minor’s Coaching Day

ARD Mtg. (see separate schedule)

Friday, September 20

Pinwheels for Peace Celebration 8:00am. on blacktop

United Way Day of Caring

CAT mtg. 8:50am

SST’s 1st & 2nd grade (see separate schedule)

Happy Birthday Shannon Ridley!

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Weekly Reminders...

  • For student and staff safety, please be sure to grab your "walkie talkies" for recess! We need a consistent way to reach you in the event of an emergency and also when parents need to pick students up early!
The Power of One...

Out & About...

Engaging the Brain...

Alternate worked example solutions with problem-solving exercises.

Have students alternate between reading already worked solutions and trying to solve problems on their own. As students develop greater expertise, reduce the number of worked examples provided and increase the number of problems that students solve independently.

An Eye On the Gifted...

The importance of offering differentiated math options in the classroom can hardly be overstated. Children who are not being challenged by work that matches their zone of proximal development will be bored and restless, will often distract the other students, most importantly, are not receiving an adequate education.This is especially true of gifted students.

In today's article, we share 9 of 32 different strategies to help you differentiate math instruction in your classroom:

  1. Work backwards
  2. Create something new
  3. Engage experts
  4. Use formative assessments
  5. Change your language
  6. 'Instead of' vs 'In addition to'
  7. Lure of the Labyrinth
  8. Most difficult first
  9. Number systems

Visit TAGTonDemand.com and get a summary explanation of each of these strategies, courtesy of EA Young Academy.

Star Gazing...

Congratulations to Rachel Jones, star second grade teacher...our STAR Teacher of the Week receiving the most nominations!

Her colleagues write:

"Rachel does a fabulous job organizing all the information for our team, keeping us on track, and encouraging us when we get frustrated. I'm so glad I'm on her bus!"

"She takes such good care of her team. She goes way above and beyond what is expected of a team leader. Plus she is always cheerful about everything."

"She has done an awesome job getting our team on the "energy bus". She has kept meetings positive and running smoothly."

Check out Mrs. Jones's Blog http://mrsjonesstartexans.blogspot.com/! We appreciate all you do for your students and our learning community! You are entitled to a five-day jeans/shorts pass and an opportunity to park in the space designated all next week!

Warmest thanks to each of you for your hard work and preparation on another great turnout at our Curriculum Information Night!

Thanks for another great week of teaching and learning!

Remember to affirm someone today!

Have an absolutely fantastic long weekend!

Instructional Tech News

Into the The Oudoors is a new site featuring videos and lesson plans about a wide variety of topics related to nature. The site is divided into six main topic areas; life science, farm science, social science, physical science, environmental science, and natural resources science. Each primary topic area includes a handful of sub-topics. Click on any sub-topic to find videos, lesson plans, and links to additional resources. http://intotheoutdoors.org/

Want more information on the Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System (BAS)? Check out this site: http://goo.gl/J6KOZY

Don't forget to pick up your printed sheets from the laser printers and reduce your carbon footprint by "going green" whenever possible!

Professional Resource of the Week! Check out your copy today!

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The Week After...

Monday, September 23

EGGI Week: Design Your Own Career Pathway Door Contest!

Mya’s Coaching Day

Progress Report Window Opens (all students)

Retirement Reception for Dr.Chavez 4:30pm.

Tuesday, September 24

EGGI Week: Display Your College Memories

Minor’s Coaching Day

Wednesday, September 25

EGGI Week: Show Your College Pride with Favorite Spirit Shirt

Mya’s Coaching Day

Universal Screening Kg 8:00am.

Early Release Day

PTA Staff Luncheon 12:45 Science Lab

Thursday, September 26

EGGI Week: Your Future Dress Up Day

Minor’s Coaching Day

ARD Mtg. (see separate schedule)

Friday, September 27

EGGI Week: Old Town is On the Bus (OTE Spirit Shirt Day)

Mya off campus today (Presenting at TASA Conference)

CAT mtg. 8:50am

SST’s 3rd – 5th grade (see separate schedule)

Staff Compliance training due today!

JDRF Walk for a Cure (during PE)

*Be sure to check out our Professional Learning and Events Calendar regularly as revisions/additions are made often...


Old Town Elementary Mission & Vision...

To highly engage learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." -JFK