Chromebooks in DPCDSB

The story so far......

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Chromebooks have just come online. As we explore together, new learning and opportunities will arise. I will edit this document periodically to reflect my growing awareness and abilities with this tool.

1. The Log In

- At the initial screen:

  • Students log in with their 9 digit student ID
  • Teachers log in with their 5 digit Employee #

- At the second screen:

  • Students/Teachers type regular ID numbers and regular password.
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Students and teachers sign in again with their normal ID numbers and passwords

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2. Now What? Continue to use Office 365.

- Students have access to Chrome to navigate the internet

- Students can access Office 365 in Chrome by following the pinned link at the bottom of their screen, or by typing:

  • in the address field

- Students log into and use Office 365 in the normal way

- More Office 365 info:

Google Drive

3. Everyone has Access to Google Drive

- The account used to log in to the Chromebook is also our new Google Drive account

- Clicking the "waffle" icon in Chrome allows us to navigate to Drive and to use Google tools like Docs, Slides, Calendar etc....

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5. The Chrome Web Store is Available

- Go to:

- Here, students can use apps or extensions to add functionality to the Chromebook

- Some apps & extensions will be blocked by admin protocol

- Some apps and extensions that are allowed include:

  • Google Translate
  • Typing Club
  • Padlet

- As I find more, I will update this list

6. Google Docs Allow for Voice Typing

- Open Google Docs

- You will be prompted if you would like to try Voice Typing. Choose "yes".

- With no voice training and no mic necessary, have a student try to enter text in a clear voice.

Resources here:

7. Flash Websites work on Chromebooks

- Open Chrome & Google SWF + a search term

- Think science, math or social studies

- Use words like Volcanoes, Multiplication, Magnets, Egypt, Cells, Plants etc....

- These flash files have great, fun content

- They run well on a Chromebook

- Teachers will have to find ways to get these websites to students (beside writing them on a whiteboard!)

- One way is a Google Doc (hyperdoc) with web links

- Another way could be a shared folder in Drive or DPCloud

Additional SWF Search Terms

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8b. Do CRTL/ALT + ? to get on-screen keyboard

Now, use just CTRL - or just ALT - or CTRL + ALT together to see what key commands work on a Chromebook
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Joseph Marquis


Assistive Technology (Elementary)

Dufferin-Peel CDSB