Powering Up for BYOT

March 3, 2014

Devices UP

TIMS job is to share information with other teachers at school.

"Devices Up" lets everyone know when to get ready to use their device.

Focus their use of their device.




use socrative to engage students

able to use on any device

Space Race is assigned a team. Very competitive. Get as many answers correct as possible. Great review for a test.

Can get report in excel

Digital Citizenship

Digital footprint

Reasons to use devices

We need to make sure that students are allowed to use their specific device to make a project

Use of device has to be consistant.

Today's Learners: Generation Z

KIds teach kids how to use devices.

Very tech savvy

need to be flexible

Brains are wired for fast content delivery

high self-esteem + easy-to-use digital tols lead them to think they can do anything

prefer collaboration

be in collaboration with families

Kids with devices

Study more

track their learning

Resources - Digital place to hold

place where teachers can put resources, websites, links, pdf files (Edmodo) for learning

Technology Use Spectrum


technology stories

tool skills

no questions


same stories


closed questions

Transforming - move athis one - real world tasks

new storie


open questions

use student respose systems - socrative or poll everywhere

Types of devices



android phone




BYOT Guidelines

  • Appropriate websites only
  • Kid Friendly search engines
  • I Trust you

Use the app that works on your device

Above and Beyond by Peter Reynolds

video clip

compared notes

dreaming up ideas


Use Todaysmeet to have students answer a question about the outcome of the story.

Above And Beyond

Coaching for the 4 C's

Communication: Learning activities require multi-modal communication.

Collaboration: work together

Creativity: Multiple sources, original, solve a problem, address and issue, interesting, new or helpful, making an original

Critical Thinking: defines problems, applies skills and knowledge to


Classroom Management

Devices Up, Devices Down when to use or not use

One Bud - only one ear bud so they can hear the teacher

Always Visible - especially during tests!

Each one, Teach One - students help each other - Student TIM

Teacher: Show me that you have mastered content

  • Student: How can I do that using my device(s)?

Phases of Implementation

  • Policy Change
  • Philosophical Change
  • Instructional Adaptation
  • Educational Acceptance

Instructional Strategies for BYOT

Strategy: Backchannel Discussion - place where they can ask questions or make comments

Cognitive Value of Backchanneling

  • creating a community of learners
  • clarify the complicated or less clear materials
  • reflecting on learning leads to great retention
  • greater class participation
  • synthesizing - higher order thinking

Strategy: Create an image to show understanding

QR Code Scanner

Students need a QR code reader on their device.

Linoit app for this . upload pics

Create an Image to show understanding

Give students a task and allow them to choose how to display it
Give rubric

show how to

LINO it - need account , put resources on it,

  • Paper 53
  • Educreations
  • Font Candy
  • Skitch
  • PowerPoint
  • Screen shot

goo.gl makes a shorter url and makes a qr code

Elementary Activities

video, draw, record

always on the table with the child

Lock the door

Personalize devices for each child

Not responsible for devices

Use Nearpod at the beginning to help control where students are going

class flow web based

Strategy: Reaching Consensus and Responding as a Team

www.fermiquestions.com questions to work on process, brainstorm, problem-solving strategies



Tony Vincent - Learning in Hand

Make a story with the dice

use numbers on cubes to add, subtract, multiply, or divide

Strategy: Driving Questions

Gathering Questions:

  • Closed Questions
  • Matery of Existing Knowledge

Reasoning Questions:

  • Open QUestions
  • Going beyond existing information

Compelling QUestions:

  • Open Questions, Asks "So What"
  • Creates or Invents/Useful for Others

www.fno.org Great site for questioning







Standards & Criteria for Success:


Use one of each of the ones above;

Strategy: Flipping the Classroom with BYOT

Create a quick demo of how to do something(solve a problem, diagram a sentence, etc.)

have students create a video as a study guide

Strategy: Community Idea Bank

create a list by activity

Have students create a video that shows different strategies of solving math problems, send to parents or put on Edmodo.

Have videos that go into the media center for students to check out or look at. Stays at school until student leaves school. Publicity materials allowed by parent.


Don't focus to.o much on having specific apps:

Pearltrees videos


virtual manipulatives - abcya




learnist - pinterest for learning


faces imake - story maker

3d cell stain - 5 th grade



science 360

motion math for lower grades


voice thread - free and paid


Look on the powering up fo BYOT site.


Let's Review the Strategies

  • Sharing How to Use Device for Learning


Every Child is a story yet to be told.

Laura McComb

Third Grade Teacher

Technology Integration Mentor