21st Century Skills

By : Cambrya Jordan

Behind 21st Century Skills

This is a class where you collaborate globally meaning you work on many different projects with partners from all around the world. I've learned many different skills from taking this class. It was hard but rewarding.

Blogging & Wikis


Writing about daily experiences online.

Benefits: Sharing experiences

Difficulties: Internet access


Collaborative editing websites

- Shared access

- Communication problems

Infographics & Video Creation


Webpages used to inform people about different topics.

- Benefits : Informing on different things

-Difficulties : Inaccurate info

Video Creation

My experience was hard but I've learning things I can use in other classes.

Benefits: Helpful in other classes

Difficulties: Inaccurate citations

Global Collaboration & Internet Rules and Safety

Global Collaboration

Working with other people from all around to complete projects.

It's useful whenever I work with others people cause I can incorporate their ideas as well.

Internet Safety Rules

This is a set of rules that are designed to protect you while online.

You have to limit the info that you give out to stay safe online.