Suicide prevention

How can suicide be prevented among teenagers ?

About Me

My name is Alicia Becerra. I play the violin and appreciate music very much. I decided to go deeper into this topic than most people because I want to help teens overcome their suicide thoughts or at least help them find help. I've never had any type of bad thoughts so I wouldn't know much on how it feels like on the other side, but i do know that there is help out there for anyone struggling.

What is suicide?

Suicide is ending your own life. Why do people do it is the real question, suicide is mostly known as a way for people to escape pain or suffering. Many people think about suicide but it doesn't mean that you will actually do it. It doesn't mean that you're going crazy, it's just a need for escape. Many people just need a distraction or new things to look forward to. This is why it is good to get involved and try new things.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
Languages: English, Spanish

Things to do...

-A walk around your neighborhood
-listening to music
-talking to someone about it