By: Ryan Hutson


This book is all about Mars. Do you know about Mars?’t then read this

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what is it

Mars is the 4th planet to the sun. Mars looks like a desert. Mars has it's own moon. It looks like a blood planet because half of it is dark and the other half is light red.

How mars moves

It takes 687 Earth days to spin around Mars . It moves one km per second. Mars moves faster than the moon. Mars looks exactly as big as the moon, but the moon is bigger so Mars moves faster .

Special Mars Features

The biggest volcano is on Mars. The biggest canyon is on Mars .Mars is red and white. Mars has big hills.


Mars is a great planet to see. Do you want to go to Mars?

Fun Fact

Mars has it’s own a moon that is a different shape.

Fun fact

A trip to Mars takes about 6 months to get there.

Fun Fact

Mars is a blood planet.

Vocabulary word

Vocabulary Word #1


  • Mars

a planet

Vocabulary word

Vocabulary Word #2


  • volcano

thing that explodes

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If you want to learn more about mars look in to it.