Bi-Lateral radial ulnar synostosis

By: Molly Branhan 7th

What is it?

Radial Ulnar synostosis is when a child is born with either palms up or palms down and the bones in his/her forearms are fused together. For more information please contact Dr. Jesse Botker at (507)386-6600 or visit her office at 1431 Premier Dr. Mankato, MN 56001. There are many things that the media does to earn money for different types of disabilities and make people aware of them. There are tons of charities that raise the money for certain types of disabilities. Walk and roll is one of the many walks people hold to earn money for certain types.

Who can i talk to?

There are two very important people that you can talk to. One person would have to be your school counselor about the feelings you are having towards your disability. Also you could talk to your family doctor about the possibilities of surgically fixing your disability.

Positive and Negative effects

Some positive effects would be not being the same as everyone else, feeling special about yourself and being able to do some things easier then others. Some negative effects would be having to change your way of doing things to make it easier on yourself, feeling different from everyone else, and there is a greater risk of breaking the bones that are fused together. Overall the greatest advances of this would be how much more the doctors know about the disability, what they can do to help fix it and how they show people it is okay to be different, sometimes it can even be a good thing!