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by cole siegel


There sickness in the world as we speak, the sickness of fat, we have more over weight people than we have ever had in our human lifetime. A shocking fact is that about 74% of men in the world are considered overweight. This is impacting the world more than most people probably even realize. Now you might be asking, being fat affects your appearance what is the big deal? The big deal is being overweight to many health issues, that is why most men and women end up paying more frequent visits to the doctor. So this is why i did the research for me and for others on losing fat while building muscle efficiently to be the best you you can be.
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Information about lifting and losing weight

So everyone lately is wondering how to lose wight but decide not to to or just end up giving up on the idea. The questions most people are asking is, How do i lose weight and keep it off? The simple answer to this question is lifting, lifting is the number one best thing you can do for your body.

Fun Facts

-There are about 650 muscles in the human body

-60% of people who weight train get 7 hours or more of sleep per night

-Lifting boosts Dopamine making a natural antidepressant

-2 weight training sessions a week can reduce body fat by 7%

-Muscle feeds on fat as a type of food source.

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Why i chose this

throughout my child hood i have been struggling with weight issues and food problems. It really made me take a hit to my self-confidence, and just ended up to me becoming even fatter than before. Then i started changing the way i looked at food and started working out more, resulting in a major weight loss and a spike in confidence. I think the topic of losing weight and building muscle is something everyone should take a look at, not on will you be healthier but more confident.


There are many things i learned about building muscle and losing weight and the same time. I learned that lifting isn't the only thing to help you build muscle, you must have a balanced diet. Of course it depends on the type body you are building for, but you can go wrong with a high protein and low carb diet to build toned mass. This is easier said than done however you must pay attention to what you are eating check weather it has complex or simple carbs which makes all the difference. Another thing i learned it how protein rebuilds the muscle after a workout. To elaborate the, when you workout you are essentially forcing the muscle to adapt to higher weight, by breaking it down. Now when the muscle is broken down, it is very wise to consume protein. Protein takes the broken down muscle fibers and rebuilds them up even stronger than before repairing them even stronger than before.
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