Find It!

Searching on the WWW

Where can I find it?

There are lots of great places to search on the internet. You can find fun, interesting and informative information using many different Search Engines and web sites.

You can find out about lots of things that you have been learning about in school. Do you like animals, art, reading, math, communities???? You can learn so much.

How do I get to these really cool places on the internet?


You can go to all these great places from our Student Links page. There are lots of other great Search Engines and Web Sites on the Student Links page. You can try them.

You know what the Student links page looks like, you see it all the time to get to Tumble Books. It looks just like the picture below.


Can you find out about wolf habitats by searching these sites? When you search a site you can put the words in " " marks to get the exact information that you want. Try "wolf habitat" to find out about wolf habitats and not get information about other animal habitats.