Guardian of the Universe


The epic game where you race against futuristic enemies!

In the new, epic game 'Guardian of the Universe,' race around a futuristic track to save the Universe from destruction!!! With awesome characters, deadly enemies and some green paint, this game is not to be missed...

Guardian of the universe

Imagine you're on the back of a futuristic rover, speeding down a race tack that is bursting with colour, racing against evil cycles who are trying to destroy the universe. Want to do it? Well, you've chose the right game, Guardian Of The Universe...

This outstanding game is an awesome new race game, similar to the all popular Mario Kart, but better! This game has challenging features, with rapid cycles, threatning to destroy the UNIVERSE!!!

This new and different game is so entertaining that you would never want to stop! With a creative backgorund and a refreshing atmosphere, this game is born to be the best!

Would you like a game with violence? Of course not! The game, "Guardian of the Universe," is appropiate to all ages and has not a speck of violence!

Extremely strong evidence proves that this game would attract everyone since it has incredible feautures. You must play this game, NOW!!!