By: Alyssa Montgomery


What happened?

It was a cold Wednesday afternoon, the day before Thanksgiving and six friends were behind a school (a normal hang out spot) when a crackhead approaches one of the friends begging for crack. The boy sold the crack to him and as they were making the exchange the boy told the crackhead "You can have it as long as you don't smoke it back here" the crackhead said "Okay i won't" and they finished the deal. Minutes went by and one of the 6 friends saw the orange and blue glare from a crack pipe blazing from behind a green dumpster across the school yard. "I told him not to do that back here, I ought to go beat his a**" said the drug dealer. All the boys walked over to the dumpster and the drug dealer said "I told you not to do that back here" the crackhead said "Hang on man i'm almost done". The drug dealer punched the crackhead and he fell to the ground. He got back up and someone took another hit and the crackhead fell again, this time not getting up. Eventually all the boys joined and the crackhead was blue and black. They beat the crackhead for twenty minutes. One friend pulled out a switchblade knife and stabbed the man right under his butt. The friends left the man there and went to the corner store down the street. When they returned there were cops asking questions to everyone there, the six friends got questioned and searched and the cops found the knife on the boy and arrested him for beating and stabbing the crackhead. He is being held for attempted murder and for further charges from the Judge.