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the story behind the knit purl

A women's home in New Delhi, India, stands as a beacon of hope for Indian women and children. The Home also serves as a model for all charitable organizations. It demonstrates what can be accomplished through the determination of volunteers who know the needs of their own community plus the contribution of funds from people who care.

Today, the Home also includes a vocational and literacy program for women, a day care program, a full primary school, a home for elderly women, a medical clinic, a diagnostic center, and, now, a vision center to diagnose eye problems, provide eye glasses, surgery, and post-operative care for people in need.

The vocational program offers 200 girls and women a chance to become literate and learn job skills in a variety of areas, including sewing, knitting, computers, and beauty culture.

It is the women in the knitting vocational program who have crafted these adorable baby cardigans, booties, bonnets and blankets. We have purchased these from them and will be contributing an additional 20% of the proceeds to the Home.

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