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Kabaddi world cup

The World Kabaddi Federation was formed in 2003 to manage kabaddi at the international level. Since then there have been nine kabaddi world cups. though there are several different forms of kabaddi the world cup is always the national style of kabaddi.
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Kabaddi can trace its origins back to prehistiric times as a way for early man to stay fit

Rules of National Style Kabaddi

two teams of twelve players go to either side of a 10m × 6.25m court with a line in the middle. A raider is the player who crosses the middle line to the other teams side. The raider with one breath keeps saying kabaddi and tries to tag as many people on the other team as he can and each person he tags is a point for his team. when there is only one or two players left on their team the captian can declare them out to bring the whole team in but their opposing team gets as many points as there are people left on the team bringing in their full team plus two more.
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An exaggerated version of Kabaddi was once used as an analogy in the Mahabharata the great Hinu epic

Kabaddi in the Olympics

Although not currently in the Olympics many kabaddi players have been making a major push to have it included in the 2020 summer Olympics. Many Kabaddi fans agree but some members of the Olympic Council believe that there are just barely enough countrys that play it for Kabaddi to be included. Olympic sports have been decided up to 2020 however it is very unlikely since the Kabaddi World Federation hasn't