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A Mad World and It's Inhabitants

Julius Chambers, New York Tribune, is considered the original muckraker. In 1872, he is taking a look at Bloomingdale Asylum. He is committed to obtain information about alleged abuse of inmates. When articles became published in the Tribune, because of Chambers facts it released 12 patients who were not mentally ill. Eventually, it will change the lunacy laws.

The Monkey Trial

Darwin announces humans have descended from apes, he is sending shock waves through the Western World. The Butler Law is passed, which forbade Darwin's teachings. John T. Scopes takes a textbook into a class and teaches/reads Darwin's theory. He is soon arrested. In the court there is question of, "Who made who look like a monkey?" because of the circus arguing about the ape and human theory. Scopes was fined $100 but proved a victory. These conflicts did not see an end nor did the answers to major questions.
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The Worst Insult to the United States In Its History

February 1898, Enrique Dupuy de Lome, Spanish minister to U.S.A. announces President McKinley is a weak politician. The letter is meant to be private. It causes much talk and is possible to become one of the triggers to the Spanish American War. De Lome resigned.
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Inspiring Hatred

Propaganda is becoming support for feeling hatred among enemy forces. Each phrase stands for something different. Quiet: Don't speak unless spoken to. Know your place: Slaves. Shut your face: Don't speak to your supreme, he is in control, or else you'll regret it.
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For Sale- June 16, 1909 Glenn Curtiss sold the first airplane, the "Golden Flyer," for $15,00.
For Sale- Attend the "Silent Film" tonight featuring, Josephine Baker. Or watch her dance Thursday at 6:00pm (ticket price negotiable.)
Wanted- December 31, 1879 after thousands of failed experiments, Thomas Edison gave the first demonstration of light in Meno Park, NJ.
Wanted- Many aliens, people from another country are being targeted of raids. Look out!
Services- Unskilled workers are given an opportunity to work at sewing companies, for example and receive money.
Services- Coal Fields and Steel Industries are having a "No Strike" pledge. Will they win or fail?


There is much struggle for power in Balkans. Europeans take pride in their country so they're fighting for their power. Nationalism is leading to imperialism as a quest for empires. Germany begins to build a navy that can take on the strongest Royal Navy. Germany is supplying their troops with weapons. Soon it became a rise of militarism. Germany wants to form an alliance with Austria-Hungary and Italy, this partnership is known as the Triple Alliance. The assassination of Archduke makes Europe and Austria break into war. Later, Germany crossed Belgium's border. French troops purchased machine guns as weapons against German's. Kaiser promised his troops they will come home before leaves fall. They dug trenches to keep safe, trench warfare is a strategy. In order to defeat allies, poison gas is created. Using tanks had limited success going through No Man's Land. Airplanes have become in use during war because they are able to map enemy positions from above. Stalemate ended in a stand off.

A Scoop From Helen Wills

Tessa: Hi Helen, thanks for being here!

Helen: Glad to be here Tessa!

Tessa: So, tell me a little about yourself.

Helen: Well, I was born on October 6, 1905. I grew up in Centerville, CA. I attended the University of California, Berkeley. I married twice. I am so involved with my career, I don't focus much on anything else.

Tessa: What are your tennis achievements?

Helen: I won 31 Grand Slam Tournament titles, 7 single titles at U.S. Championships, 8 singles at Wimbledon, and 4 at the French Championships, and 2 gold Olympic medals.

Tessa: Wow! When was your first national title?

Helen: When I was 17.

Tessa: What is your playing style?

Helen: I like different styles, I like to keep my opponent on their toes.

Tessa: Do you have a certain expression you show while playing a game?

Helen: Haha, well not that I notice. But people have told me I'm very serious and focused.

Tessa: Helen, it sounds like you are in love and proud with what you do. I want to say congrats for all you have accomplished. It was great to talk with you today, thank you for your time!

Helen: It was wonderful being here, thank you for having me!

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Charleston Craze!

The Charleston dance became popular in 1923. The origins of the dance are obscure, it's traced to blacks who live on an island off the coast of Charleston, SC. This is where the dance name came. It's a fun, loose dance...made for you to get up and groove!
Sadie & Derek's Charleston - Dancing with the Stars

"The States" Historical Forecast

The Gilded Age

State: California

Capital: Sacramento

Nickname: "Golden State"

1 in 4 residents are foreign-born; 30% U.S. Latinos, 40% U.S. Asians, 16% Native Americans

Progressive/Imperialism State

State: Texas

Capital: Austin

Nickname: "The Lone Star State"

The Chisholm Trail lasted 15-20 years. Cowboys brought cattle through the trail. This trail was 800 miles, that's San Antonio, TX- Aboline, KS

WW1 State

State: New Mexico

Capital: Santa Fe

Nickname: "Land of Enchantment"

Third largest visual art market in Taos and Santa Fe, NM

Roaring 20's State

State: Arizona

Capital: Phoenix

Nickname: "The Grand Canyon State"

7 Wonders of the Natural World: Grand Canyon has 5 million visitors annually. It is 15 miles across at its widest point.