What Makes Me, Me


Bring the world into your kitchen

Baking allows you to travel to any country in a few hours. By creating a delicacy from somewhere else in the world, you experience a new culture, new flavor, and new traditions. When I make a tres leches cake, I get transported instantly to a little restaurant in the heart of Mexico. Or when I make macarons, I’m in a little cafe in Paris, France.

Fixing Mistakes

An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to fix it. When baking it’s easy to make an error; dropping an egg shell into the batter, adding the wrong ingredient, or adding too much or too little of an ingredient. Baking has taught me that messing up is okay. If you don’t try to fix it or start over nothing will ever get done.

Improve is Necessary

Sometimes we have to improvise, whether it’s in life or something else. When I melt chocolate for my brownies I need a water bath but I don’t have one. I take a pot fill it with water and set a bowl on top.

Taking Risks

Each and every day we take risks. Every choice is a risk. Sometimes we are scared to take risks but something good will always come out of it. Your result may be a sweet treat, money, happiness, or an important lesson. No matter what it is, you can always use the outcome of your risk. Even though it may be scary to try a new recipe, start a new job, or try out something new, without taking risks you wouldn’t be living.

Paying Attention

Paying attention to detail is very important at all times. If you don’t pay attention you could mess up the recipe. Recipes are always very particular. The slightest error can ruin what you’re making just like a small mistake can get you fired from your job. This also applies to relationship. The best friends are the ones who remember little things and show they care about you.