4th Grade Flyer

Mrs. Fornelli's Class News

Fun Day this Friday!

Fun Day is this Friday. If you have not returned your child's blue T-shirt from our Raleigh trip, please send it in. We will wear them on Friday.

Also, please make sure to apply sunscreen and bug spray at home. We are not permitted to apply it at school.

Our fun day will begin at 12:45 pm and will last until 2:00. We will have small water bottles, but if you would like to send in an extra water bottle with your child, that would be great! Please feel free to join us. Many parents usually join us for lunch at 12. If you would like to, just let me know.

Picture Day is this Wednesday!

Picture day is this Wednesday, April 22nd! Bring your best smiles! Class pictures will also be taken on this day. Order forms were sent home last week.

Upcoming Dates

April 22 Special Olympics, Secretary's Day

April 22 Family Night at Moe's 11 AM -9 PM

April 24 ELA School Net Testing

April 27 May 1 Spring Book Fair

May 2 Teacher Trot

May 4-8 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 11 Midterm Reports

May 25 No School Memorial Day Holiday

June 5 Science EOG (5th Grade Only)

June 9 ELA EOG

June 10 Math EOG

June 16 Class Awards at 10:45

June 17 Dojo Celebration

June 18 Last Day of School 12:00 Dismissal

Homework This Week

Monday - Read for 30 minutes,

Reading Passage Due WEDNESDAY (change of date)- From Purple Book

Word Sort- We will actually have one this week!

Tuesday -Read for 30 minutes,

Reading Passage Due WEDNESDAY- from Purple Book

Word Sort

Wednesday -Read for 30 minutes,

Reading Passage Due Friday- From Purple Book

Word Sort- and write

Thursday - Read for 30 minutes,

Reading passage due Friday- from Purple Book

Practice test

School Net test today.

Friday - Read for 30 minutes

Spelling test today.

What's Happening in Class this Week?

Reading -

What can you do at home?

Encourage your child to use their close reading strategies on their EOG Practice Passages. It is proven that the more they interact with the text, they better they will do. This past week we took a practice EOG in class. Students will get their scores this week. We will look at areas where each student needs to improve and use these next few weeks to target areas of weakness. Once again, we want your child to feel confident and comfortable as we approach EOG testing. They have worked so hard this year. Now we are working to provide them all the strategies we can so that they can do their best!

Reading - Our historical fiction novel study continues this week. Focus lessons will be on characterization, point-of-view, and plot.

Writing -- Students will write short responses to text to review making inferences, character and setting, as well as point of view.

Language - We will review order of adjectives and all grammar objectives.

Spelling - word sorts

EOG Review

If you didn't get a chance to review the links from last week, I've included them again.

I've also included a great article on "Close Reading" if you're interested! See below.

To take the practice test, here are the directions:

  • When you log in to the portal, you will need to Select "GUEST"
  • Grade Level 4
  • ELA or MATH
  • Don't worry about changing any other options -- it's way too confusing
  • Then, When it says "Is this you?" Select "Yes" or Begin Test

It will take over 2 hours to finish the test. If you do not have 2 hours, it will not be scored.

Another great website is NEWSELA. It has great news articles with test questions aligned with common core state standards. Check it out!

Last Free-bee of the week is IXL.com. If you haven't checked it out - please do. It's a great resource for both math and grammar!