The U.S should help to stop the isis terrorist group.

President Obama gave a speech to the U.N. on how he plans to counter ISIS.

When giving his speech he mentioned that George.W Bush said to not go to war with Islam. Why is Obama trying hard to help with building things when Isis will just blow it up. Obama is planning to build a road map to help counter their attacks.

Obama also wants the Arab Muslim world to make people have freedom. When Isis attacks the people are afraid more than they've ever been. When Obama talked about it he didn't talk to the west where Arabs still live.

Arab public think that the president's speech was rhetorical. I think the people living with the Isis attacks might think that people from other countries are here to attack also. Some of the people think that he is the one terrorizing.

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How obama said he wanted to counter isis

The president stepped to deliver a speech that would make their generals higher to stop Isis. Why would he want to make them higher in rank when he can just have troops in the area to help out with Isis.

Obama knows that the way their handling Isis he thinks is understandable. Why didn't they take care of the problem if they say it is understandable. Some of the people think “change” will help change Isis.

The west of Islam says that they can help know it’s enemy-Isis. Obama needs to talk to the west in Islam so he can have the troops help against Isis. It’s rise to power in the west can help because a group of Muslim brotherhood can help stop isis.

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What obama wanted to do for an air strike attack if he could attack isis

Most of what Obama wants in the air strike will mostly depend on air power. How much power would Obama need to use for the air strike if it would succeed. To do this he will need support for a campaign.

To have it succeed Obama would have to have help from the ground troops in the area. Why don’t Obama just bring more troops so we don’t have to waste more money on a huge air strike. Obama will have to depend on the Iraqi government and military to help with the air strike.

With ground troops helping he would need a lot of money to help on the ground if the air strike fails. It would take a long time to train troops when he has enough troops in Iraq,syria and other parts of the middle east.

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