The Green Sands of Mahana Beach

By: Jack Baldwin

Mahana Beach, HI

Located in: Hawaii, USA

Latitude: 18.93

Longitude: -155.64

About the Coast:

The coasts of Mahana Beach are classified as a Primary Passive coast. The reason for this is its designed by the non-marine processes that have occurred. Its also between a oceanic and continental lithosphere. It is also classified as a emergent coast because its exposed by the sea due to the major changes in sea level.

History of Mahana Beach's emergent coast

The Green Sands:

Mahana Beach is 1/4 of the beaches in the world to have green sand. It's color comes from the of the green, semi precious stone called olivine. The erosive force of the Pacific Ocean causes the stone to erode onto the beach, giving off this unique color.

Other features of Mahana Beach:

The unique trip to the beach:

This isn't your average trip down to the beach, the trip contains a hike down a hill that leads to the the beautiful shore.

The View:

The magnificent views of Mahana Beach are breathtaking, whether its looking down the beach from the top of the hill or looking off its giant cliff, it will surely take your breath away!