Pokémon IS Good!

By Anthony and Teddy

Pokémon vs. PETA

Let's start with an organization called PETA. PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Sounds like a nice, cuddly organization, right? THINK AGAIN!! PETA is associated with the humane society, and they have done something that has made us really mad. They have attacked Pokémon, accusing it of supporting animal abuse, because they think that Pokémon battles represent dog fights between animals. They also accused it of this because they seem to think that catching a Pokémon means shoving it in a tiny ball. Again, THEY ARE WRONG! You want to know why? Because when Pokémon are entering their PokéBall, they are shrunken down into an energy-like substance that makes the transition painless. PAINLESS, I SAID!!! PETA also is really hypocritical because they are all for treating animals good, but they euthanize about 90% of the animals at their shelters. Would you rather listen to us, or PETA? (Us, right?) PETA also made a parody of Pokémon Black & White, called Pokémon Black & Blue. In the parody, the Pokémon look all bloody and bandaged, and that is NOT what Pokémon look like AT ALL!!
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Some Words Of Wisdom from the Class

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It's Not So Pointless After All!

Every single Pokémon game stresses one main point: to love and care for your Pokémon. There is always an important character that tells you to treat your Pokémon with love and trust, and to value them always. Does that really sound bad to you? Well, it shouldn't. That could teach a lot of little kids that they should treat their pets well, and to take care of them. Pokémon did a really good job of taking advantage of the good things they put in their games because it is easier to influence a young kid because they are more drawn to video games.

Yes, It Actually Teaches You Something

Yes, I said it. Pokemon can teach you things. One of those things is strategy. It isn't a pointless, mindless game. It teaches strategy because in Pokémon, there are eighteen different types. To be good at Pokémon, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of every type. Then there are multi-type Pokémon, which, as you may be able to guess, is a Pokémon that is more than one type. Some examples are: Rock-Ground type, Fairy-Flying type, Fire-Fighting, and a ton more combinations, so it can help you with your long-term memorie, and you can learn really good strategies.

About The Authors

We have both been playing Pokémon for a long time. We are in Mrs. Jones' 5th grade class and she is the BEST TEACHER EVER!