Communism is the most beneficial system to use!

What is Communism?

A political theory from Karl Marx. Its the idea of a classless society everyone is equal and gets paid for there abilities and need. All property and resources are collectively owned by the citizens. Means of production and goods prices our determined by the state/government.

What Communism is fundamentally based around.

-Built around the idea of equality

-Advocates universal education

-Supports Emancipation of Women

-Support Widespread universal social welfare

The Benefits of Communism for the citizens

-The Government controls the economy structure(how it is ran), so the economy is internal stable.

-Every citizen can keep a job, In a communism system everyone is entitled to a job.

-Competition does not exist, so you don't have to worry about stepping on each others toes.

-People are treated equal by the government/state regardless of education, finical standing, and etc.

Reason's you should Join a Communism Society Starting Today.

Everyone is equal, the government controls the economy so you will always have a job, the government controls the prices of goods so they are normally set at a set price that doesn't go up or down. Communism also supports universal education and universal social welfare. And if that doesn't sound like good enough reason to join, communism also supports Emancipation of women. Wow Communism has many great benefits for its citizens, making it a appealing society to join.