Passion Fire Women Presents

Embracing Your Inner Goddess

Give Back, Network, and Have Fun!

Join Passion Fire Women for a night of

giving back, networking, and embracing your Inner Goddess

Prcoeeds from this event will support

The Center for Women Entrepreneurs

Embracing your inner Goddess:

In society, women are divided into “good” and “bad” girls, with great emphasis and pressure given for women to be “good”. Yet, like all aspects of nature, women are complex beings with light and dark qualities that work together to create a balanced, capable woman. A true goddess embraces all aspects of her character without judgment and The Goddess Workshop was designed to provide a safe space in which to embrace all aspects of the Divine Feminine. In the workshop we will:

* Discuss some of the Divine Feminine archetypes and compare them to the influences in society
* Discuss some of the treatment of women in the media from Cleopatra to Miley Cyrus
* Learn about pole dance; history, influences, current movement
* Review the chakras or energy centers of the body
* Engage the chakras with movement in a brief dance lesson (great for those who think they can't dance)
* Enjoy a pole dance performance

Passion Fire Women presents Embracing your Inner Goddess

Thursday, Feb. 27th, 7-10pm

DIOSA , 9 Pleasant St, Framingham, MA

Limited tickets available

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(Early bird admission $25/ Regular Admission $30)