By: Mackenzie.Lancaster

Where is biomass found on earth?

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Is biomass renewable?

Yes, biomass is renewable because it starts with the sun.

How does biomass work to produce energy for individuals and whole groups/communities?

The harnessing of energy from biomass is a simple process. The waste wood and other sources are gathered in big trucks. The waste is then transported to a biomass plant. Here, the waste is fed into furnaces where it is burned. The heat created is used to boil water and the energy from the steam is used to rotate turbines and generators.

What are the uses for biomass?

Used to generate a number of energy resources, including heat, liquid or gaseous fuels, and electricity.

What products are created through biomass?

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Who uses biomass?

Biomass fuels used in India account for about one third of the total fuel used in India. InIndia it is the most important fuel used in over 90% of the rural households and about 15% of the urban households. Industry is the biggest user of biomass in the United States. Seventy-seven percent of biomass is used by industry. Homes are the next biggest users of biomass energy here in America. About one-fifth of American homes burn wood for heating. Three percent of homes use wood as their main heating fuel.

What is the cost benefit to using biomass?

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