"Unity and Justice and Freedom."


Germany is one of the founding members of the European Union, joining in 1952. Germany had a communist government until 1989, some fun facts about Germany is that they have the largest population in the whole European Union. Also Germany was the birth place of Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Fun facts

The Capitol of Germany is Berlin which is the largest city in Germany. Also Germany used to be split into east Germany and west Germany. One side was communist and the other side was a federal republic. The thing that split them up was the Berlin Wall which was demolished on November 9th, 1989 in which Germany was unified into one single government. Germany is now a federal republic.
The anthem of Germany
This is the German anthem.


Germany is East of the Netherlands and Belgium also it is south of Denmark. Germany is West of Poland and north of Austria. Also Germany is south west of the Baltic sea and south east of the North Sea
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Germany has many attractions including the Berlin wall which was the wall that seperated east and west Germany. Also you can visit the cologne cathedral which was a Roman Catholic church in Germany. Next you have Heidelberg castle,this is an ancient ruin if Germany and a landmark of Heidelberg.


Germany uses the euro now but before they used the Deutsche Mark.


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