3rd Six Weeks Homwork

Created by: Gabriel Belz


There are many ways to organize and brain storm your ideas.
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Revising and Editing Techniques

You revise and edit your text in many ways. Here are some i found and learned about.


  • Using different shapes for each different thing.
  • By having different colors to represent things "RAINBOW EDITING"
  • Or just slowly correcting the text and go through it with pencil fixing mistakes.

Setting's influence on plot in a story line.

The setting is were the story is located; so if the setting is different than the plot would have a different out come. For example if the story is at a beach it would have a different out come than at a city in D.C. Because the setting is all around the character if its at a beach the character might go swimming than say at a city; were the character might go walk around the block or meet a friend.

Why is setting and plot important to a story?

To create a story you need a plot and setting; these provide the characters with a surrounding and what the story is about. The setting the stories takes place in or at. While the plot is the stories line of events.

Point of view

  • First Person: This is when the story is in the character's point of view and you read what they do or think.
  • Second Person: This when the writer addresses the reader to do something or not to used in emails, business, and presentations.
  • Third Person: This is when the reader is a completely different person and not in the story. They can read the characters thoughts through the book.