Blake Kempfer February 2nd 1999

"Live Life To The Fullest" Ernest Hemingway

About me

My name is Blake Kempfer and i am 15 years old. I was born at Richland hospital on groundhogs day. I have two older siblings, an older brother named Alphonse he is body builder that loves to surf. my sister Nikki likes to do girly stuff that i don't. My sister also has a son named Nicholas he is 9 years old and loves sonic the hedgehog. My mother's name is Arleen and my fathers name is Alphonse. My grandfathers name is also Alphonse so my father is junior and my brother is the third.
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Hobby and group.

One of my biggest hobbies is bowling. I am a part of the South Carolina bowling all stars team. This organization takes 20 of the best boys and 20 of the best girls in the state to bowl against other states for scholarships. I also enjoy playing video games with friends.