Orion and Aries

By: Pete and Riley

Orion: Location/Dates

Orion is located in the Southwestern Sky and is most clearly visible from November to February.

Orion: Story

The story may vary a bit between cultures, but the version we chose explains Orion is the son of Neptune (the sea god) and Queen Euryale, a great Amazon huntress. Orion was the best hunter in the world and claimed that he could kill any animal. In the end a very small scorpion ended up being his downfall; stinging and killing him.

Source(s): http://www.comfychair.org/~cmbell/myth/orion.html


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Orion: Modern References/Allusions

In J.R.R Tolkien's Middle-Earth, Orion is represented by Menelvagor, which translate from Sindarin to "The Swordsman in the Sky".

Orion was also mentioned in the popular Rick Riordan book, "The Blood of Olympus" (Percy Jackson Series), as a son of Gaea.

Aries: Location/Dates

The Aries constellation is located in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere, between the Pisces constellation to the west and Taurus constellation to the east. This constellation can be seen from the Dallas sky currently, however the dates and exact location were unavailable.
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Aries: Story

The story of Aries began when King Athamas and his wife, Nephele, rulers of a town became unhappy with their marriage. Athamas divorced Nephele and turned to Ino, a lady of another tribe. She resented his children, and plotted to kill them. She eventually convinced Athamas to attempt to murder his son Phrixus. Upon learning of this, Nephele pleaded to Zeus and he sent down a ram with a golden fleece. It saved Phrixus and in return he sacrificed it to Zeus.

Source(s): http://www.ianridpath.com/startales/aries.htm


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Aries: Modern References/Allusions

Although there are many modern allusions to the greek god, Ares. There are none for the golden fleeced ram Aries. However scientists do use a star in the Aries constellation to tell which way is North.
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