Nickel most wanted poster

by Angel Chavez


Worth 1(.)0161 thousand dollars


This is what we know about the element

His name is Nickel

His atomic number is 28

His Atomic mass is 58.693 but we round it to 59

He has 28 protons, 31 neutrons, and 28 electrons

18 valence electrons

The group Nickel is in is called Transition metals group 3-12 it is in group 10

It is also in period 4

He is a metal, and his properties are luster, malleable, ductile, is a solid, and is a good conductor of heat and electricity

It is not very reative and at room temperature it reacts slow to oxygen

Nickel is wanted for trying to be an isotope, which means having the same # of protons but has a different mass which means having less or more neutrons.

A combination of Nickel and oxygen Nickel oxide, Its symbol is NiO its weight is 74