Got Chicken Pox?

Well, You Should Probably See A Doctor

Basic Information About Viruses

A Virus structure has a protein coat. The protein coat is called a Capsid. Viruses infect cells. They use cells to reproduce. They are extremely small compared to Bacteria and Animal Cells. They can't be classified as cells because they can't move, they have no respiration or cellular structures. They also have no metabolism and can't reproduce on their own.

Information About Chicken Pox

There are a few symptoms that lead to Chicken Pox such as, a high fever, headaches, sore throats, and feeling tired! Chicken Pox can be spread if you touch the bumps on a person infected with the Virus, or if someone sneezes on you! Chicken Pox is not really that fatal! Some cases have been reported that people have died. The treatment for Chicken Pox is to stay at home and get rest. You can go to the Doctor and get medicine for the itching and fever. You can prevent getting Chicken Pox by getting the vaccine!

Josh George And Jeremy Bowden

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