Modisa Wildlife Project

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Over the past few decades, wildlife in Botswana has experienced a significant decline – a drop of more than 60 percent – caused by human encroachment, the decline of prey species, and poaching. Modisa aims to use education and awareness campaigns to implement sustainable changes in the area.

The Modisa Wildlife Project is based in the Kalahari ecosystem of Botswana, located on a 25,000 acre Grassland reserve. The wide open space and untamed wilderness provide ideal conditions for a wide range of animals to thrive. Modisa’s vision is to develop a sustainable project which can end conflict and unite local farmers with protected wildlife.

The Modisa program offers a truly authentic learning experience for people who want to make a difference in wildlife preservation and experience the habitat and culture. Volunteers participate in three weeks of broad daily lectures on the ecosystem, animal feeding (lion, leopard, wild dog, etc.), basic tracking and fence patrol, game counts and grass surveys, insight into the Bushman culture, outdoors experience and sleep outs, and afternoons with a Botswana Researcher.

If it can't be learned in a textbook

It can be learned in the field

As a prospective volunteer in this program, my aim is to take this lifetime experience as a tool to grow educationally, develop a bond with animals, create awareness and exposure to targeted wildlife, and be forever changed in a field I am passionate about.

I am Ashley Ann Valentin, volunteer at the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center, Inc. and the Mote Marine Laboratory Dolphin and Whale Hospital. I am an undergraduate at the State College of Florida with plans to study Wildlife Medicine. I will use donations from the public to help build Modisa's vision.
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