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Automotive Collision Repair By Logan Krause

What they do?

Automotive Collision Repair experts job is to repair cars that have recently been damaged or in car accidents. the difference between mechanics is that mechanics work on the engine but Automotive Collision Repair experts work on the outside of the car to make it look good.

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Skills needed to be a Automotive Collision Repair Expert are...

One thing that you have to do is be able to get dirty. The next thing is you have to be patient because some jobs will be long ones. The last thing is that you have to be some what organized because you have to keep track of the parts.

Degree needed to be a Automotive Collision Repair Expert

The associate degree requires at least two and a half years of full-time study. In addition to specialized auto body courses, students complete general academic foundation classes, such as English, math, fine arts and speech communication.

The certificates in auto body collision repair and auto body refinishing take most students one year to complete. They are preferred by individuals interested in quickly entering the workforce or by people already working in the industry interested in updating their skills.

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Why I chose to be a Automotive Collision Repair Expert

I chose to be a Automotive Collision Repair Expert because I do not know much about cars but I want to learn more so that is why I want to be a Automotive Collision Repair Expert.

What branch does an Automotive Collision Repair Expert fall under and why?

this career falls under physical because it doesn't have to do with wildlife (life science) and it doesn't deal with the earth or space (earth and space science) so it must be under physical science.
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What I found interesting?

I found out that an average salary is about 54,000 dollars a year. I thought this was interesting because I thought the salary would be more than 54,000 dollars a year