Housemate Introduction Eliza Mason

Aspiring Tv Personality

I am Eliza Mason, but everybody just calls me Liz.

I am from California, a born and raised Cali Girl.

I am so exited to be on the show this season! I always knew that I would be a star someday, just like Kim Kardashian. This is just my big break. It was only a matter of time before somebody noticed my amazing talent. It should have totally happened sooner though. I mean come on, I am super pretty and super smart. I was a Jeopardy Junior Champion for goodness sake. A Champion! You would think something like that would get you noticed, but no, just a lousy excuse for a cash prize, $25000.

I spent most of it on "Keeping up with the Kardashians" merchandise. My favorite is the iPhone case I have with a picture of Kim and me together printed on it. Its one of a kind, I had it custom made and get a new one whenever I switch phones. I will never use a different case until I get another picture with Kim when I am just as famous as she is. Oh my goodness! I am going to be the next big star! Second only to Kim Kardashian herself! One day I will probably even be better than even her. I will certainly have more fans. I also own every season of the original show and of "Kourtney and Kim Take Miami" and "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" that are available on DVD. I watch them all the time to remind myself that one day it will be me on the TV with millions of fans. And now it is real! I am on TV and people are not going to want to stop watching.

As for what I will be doing during the show. Well that is easy! I will be giving viewers exactly what they want, drama of what it is like to be me everyday.

When I filled out the form to be on the show it was like they didn't understand what I was really like. They asked for a bio and the only thing I could think of to write is about how I am an amazing person. I am pretty, smart, have great people skills, and I even won prom queen in high school. I kept the tiara and sash to wear for special occasions because you can not win something and not show it off. Not to brag or anything but I beat all the other girls by at least fifty votes, I am sure of it.

By the we "Move Out" I am positive that I will have a producers lined up begging for me to do some kind of show for them. It is also very likely that I will even get my own reality show as soon as I am done here.

Now if you will leave me in peace, I have to redo my make-up and hair before I get to the house.