iGT Weekly

Update on iGT Operations for the Week of 5-9-16

Final Spring FTM!


Tuesday, May 10th, 5:30pm

Council Oak Room in Davies!

It's next to the Cabin on the Second Floor

FTM Agenda

5:30 PM, Location TBD

We will be going over the following topics:

  • Scheduling Fall FTMs
  • SNC Updates
  • Reflection of this semester and how it can be improved
  • MicroGoal Evaluation
  • Summer Operations (Updated JDs!)
  • The 1st Inaugural "Sell me this Pen" Competition
  • How to stay motivated this summer!
  • Final send-off and adjournment of the meeting

There will be cool snacks for a special celebration!

Faci'd by Yours Truly

2016 Operation Thank You

Thursday, May 12th, 7:30am to Friday, May 13th, 4pm

101 North Farwell Street

Eau Claire, WI

Located at the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce building

For details, see http://goo.gl/FkSVHY

SOHO Social

Thursday, May 12th, 4:30-6:30pm

97 West Madison Street

Eau Claire, WI

Located at the Lazy Monk Brewery

For details, see http://goo.gl/HCGDjN
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