Girl Sleeps For 45 Minutes

A girl only sleeps for 45 minutes, and still passes test!

How She Defeated The Impossible:

Jo Halkett, a 16 year old girl at Villa Park High, had an extremely difficult History test on Friday morning last year. She swore she would fall asleep at a good time that evening, but in the end, was only able to sleep for 45 minutes! She forced herself to school either way and entered the classroom, fearful she would be too groggy for the test. Soon, the unthinkable happened: she passed the test with flying colors!

"No one thought she'd do it."

"I'm amazed," Says Jo's friend, Cat Auerswald. "She usually needs a full night sleep for everything. I'm in the class with her, and she looked like she was about to pass out! Honestly, I doubt she'd even study. But she did it, surprisingly. I'm proud."