Our region is Maui,Hawaii

Weather in Maui is very hot so wear shorts. Spring is hot, fall is hot, summer is hot ,winter is also hot.

Maui/manmade resources

These are some manmade resources, house, stilts, shorts, t-shirts, clothes, buildings.

Manmade resources.

Extreme weather in Maui,Hawaii

Extreme weather in Maui Hawaii

Some of the extreme weather is floods, warm fronts, volcanos, earthquakes, tropical storms.

Natural resources in Maui

Some of the natural resources are plants, tropical trees, coconuts, water, sunshine, sand, rocks, animals.

Fun Facts

Houses are high on stilts so your house does not flood.You can get a view from your house.

A lot of activities going to the beach, surfing, swimming, playing, build sand castles, have a lot of fun there.

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Low graph

This is our low weather temps.
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High Graph

this our weather for the low temps
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Land On Maui Hawaii

Sand, dirt, rocks, soil.