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When it comes to promoting conferences, it can be difficult to stand out and get the attention you deserve. This is where Amplomedia comes in. Amplomedia provides exceptional motion graphics videos that truly lift your conference marketing to a whole new level. Don't get lost in your audience's inbox. Instead, stand out and get noticed with engaging and powerful motion graphic video.

Video = Engagement

The team over at the Alberta Council of Technologies (ABCtech) was hosting Canada's largest analytics conference, Analytics, Big Data and the Cloud. As an organization focused on exciting innovation, they wanted to promote the conference in a way that was consistent with their brand. Stale pamphlets and boring html email blasts to their contact list wasn't gonna cut it. They needed something different, something engaging.

Amplomedia sat down with their marketing team and quickly got to work. After carefully analyzing ABCtech's needs, the creative geniuses at Amplomedia penned a powerful script to communicate the key messages, devised a clever way of illustrating it and set about building the promotional masterpiece. A few weeks later and voila...this promo video was born:

Analytics, Big Data & The Cloud Conference

Bumpers = Repetition = Retention

One video is great, but four videos is GREATER!

A series of three bumpers or "short little teasers" were commissioned to create an itch of curiosity amongst the digital campaign's audience. These bumpers are great for inserting into a sequential campaign that has the marketing coordinator distribute one bumper per week for three successive weeks. The bumpers are shared via social media (is that a birdy I hear) as well as a carefully designed email marketing campaign to prospective attendees.

Analytics Conference Bumper – Energy
Analytics Conference Bumper – Health Care
Analytics Conference Bumper – Business

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