Semester Exam Review

Ideas for Incorporating iPads into your Reviews

App Options

1. Quizlet

Instead of a paper copy of a review, create slides in Quizlet for them to use. Quizlet will allow them study with flash cards, play games with the questions, and even take practice tests. Or, let your students create their own Quizlet!

2. QR codes

Create QR codes to use in conjunction with your study guide. The QR code could contain questions, answers, or even content that your students could use to find answers. You could create full sheet QR codes to hang up in your room, a few sets to share among groups, or even insert them directly onto your study guide document.

3. Socrative

Use Socrative to create quizzes with parts of your review. This might help your students to identify areas they need to spend more time preparing.

4. Explain Everything, Haiku Deck or other presentation apps.

Students could create presentations summarizing exam review content. You could even assign sections to groups of students and let them share their presentations with their classmates.

5. Notability

Create a PDF file of your review for students to open in Notability. Students could then annotate their answers onto the review document. They could also add their own notes to help them review. If you need help converting your review to pdf format, I will be glad to do that for you.

Technology Tuesday

Tuesday, Nov. 26th 2013 at 11:15am

AJHS Teacher's Lounge

If you would like to know more about incorporating iPads into your exam review, please join me for Technology Tuesday.