Peter Tchaikovsky

infomation on peter tchaikovsky

when and where the composer was born

He was born in Votkinsk, Russia. He was born on may 7, 1840.

2 facts about his early life.

~When he was 8 years old his family moved to the capital city of Russia, St.Petersburg.
~He was a very good musician at a young age.

He wrote some of the most famous music ever written

~He died on november 6, 1893, because of drinking to much unboiled water.

interesting facts about Tchaikovsky

~He traveled all over Europe for his peformances
~He only communicated with people by writing letters
~He was not considered an ''Acceptable'' profession

why his music is still famous today

Because no one could make music like his, thats what made it special

by: kellie brewer and cassie allison