50's Diner!

Brought to you by The Co-Op Shop

It was a time when food was fun and delicious!

What a menu we will have:

Cheeseburger platter with 2 White Castle burgers and a side of fries - $4.00
Veggieburger platter with 1 veggieburger and a side of fries - $4.00

Just want a side of fries? No problem - $2.00

And hop on over to the Ice Cream Shoppe where we are scooping up
Root beer floats - $1.00
Brownie sundaes - $1.00

Sodas - $1.00
Chips/Water/Juice Boxes - 50 cents

Lots going on

Thank you for making Share Fair a Success!

The bagged lunches, chips and homemade cookies were a hit at Share Fair. We thank you for all your support. Remember, all profits go straight to Horizons to help with dues. The Co-Op Shop workers truly appreciate our customers!