Bessemer Steel Process

From pig iron to steel, its a steel of a deal!

Bessemer Steel Process

This is the first inexpensive industrial process for the mass production of steel from molten pig iron. before it took many hours and lots more money but today you can get this process for your self, without all the factory problems.
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For a extremely low price of only $1,000

How its used

The process uses a item called a bessemer converter, which is a pear shaped furnace that is 20ft tall and 10 feet in diameter and made of steel. There are air holes at the bottom to let air come in. Hot air comes in and takes the inpurties out of the pig iron. Carbon dioxide forms at the top forming a blue flame which burns the steel. Then there is steel formed.

The bessemer steel process with the bessemer conveter is only the price of $1,000!

Watson and Jones steel production

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